I’m happy you're here and want to find out more about me. My name is Marta Siech and I'm The Bloom brand owner.

Who am I professionally?

At the beginning of 2018, I started my own company. It was the moment when, after 12 years of full-time work, I decided to try freelancing.

I gathered my experience from small, large, start-up, local, and global companies where I proved myself in many roles, from being an HR Specialist and ending with an HR Director.

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I have worked with almost all of the HR world's perspectives, thanks to which my competencies are broad

Still, I have never restricted myself to ​​HR only, and always some force pushed me to discover and learn new things. In my non-HR portfolio, you will find quality management, responsibility for legal actions, communication with financial auditors and operational activities. Thanks to these rich experiences, today, I understand business and can look at a given situation holistically.

I decided to use my experience, which was backed by both successes and failures, to support my clients. And so, since 2018, I have been the owner of my own company, where I provide consulting, coaching, and mentoring services.

Who am I privately?

I love animals, and if I didn't have limitations, I would take any homeless creature I meet under my roof. As I did in the case of Agrafka, my dog I took in from the street years ago.

Lubię czytać książki i zatracać się w nich bez pamięci. Bywają momenty, że czytam kilka książek w tym samym czasie.

Mountains make me feel good, and that is why a few years ago, after more than 35 years of living in the city, I moved with my husband to a mountain village. Beautiful views, silence, fresh air, the presence of wild animals - we got it all in the home package.

I am a foodie! Together with my husband, we constantly discover new flavors. We are complete freaks in this aspect. We cook pretty well, but we often visit restaurants, looking for new inspirations and unforgettable culinary experiences.

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Professional qualifications:

Supporting others in their development involves one's own growth. Being willing to accompany you on your flourishing path as much as possible, I constantly expand my skills and keep my knowledge up-to-date by following global marketing trends.


Wybrane kursy i szkolenia

  • In the process of certification: Professional Coach NOVO ACTP

  • Mental Toughness Questionnaire by AQR International: MTQ48, MTQ Plus

  • Insightful Profiler ™ (iP121)

  • Thomas International: PPA®

  • Job Crafting facilitator

  • Career Consultant Course

  • Systemic Coaching - Fundamentals Part I: Mapping the Field.

  • Systemic Coaching - Fundamentals Part II: The Intelligence of the Field

  • Systemic Coaching - Team Coaching

  • Psychology in Coaching

  • Trained in Mindfulness practice and stress management

  • Trained in energy activation & accumulation, brain power, conscious living

  • Diploma in Coaching Set School (ACC)

  • MA in Human Resources Management

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Project Management

  • Regular coaching supervision

My certifications

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