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Brand philosophy

To bloom means to flourish. It is an opening to higher perfection, analogous to the buds' transformation into blossoms. For me, it is all about personal and business growth that creates possibilities. I decided to start the Bloom to help others develop their skills and evolve.

Why The Bloom?

Core values:

  • Partnership - I believe good things are a result of successful partnership. For me, it means balance in giving and taking, in which neither party has an advantage over the other.

  • Effectiveness - I like to see my work results and to be effective. It drives me and my actions. When I undertake something, I do it with the intention and belief that I will certainly succeed.

  • Ethics - the foundation of what I do. My values ​​build my moral spine. I live and work in a way to never be ashamed of my actions.

  • Sustainable development - is a crucial topic to me. I try to live ecologically and use the existing resources wisely. I believe that there is a place for that in business as well. We can make the world a better place for us and future generations even with the small steps.

About me

marta o mnie

About me

Hi! My name's Marta and I’m The Bloom owner. Helping others flourish was the reason why I set up my brand. It's been more than 15 years since I started gaining experience which is both rich and extensive now. And this is not the end of the story because my professional and personal growth paths are still in process.

Welcome to The Bloom world - keep flourishing in order to maintain a healthy and authentic relationship with who you are as well as with others.




My services

Depending on your needs, context, and purpose, we can work with different methods or combine them to maximize the desired effect. Whether it's a job change, professional development or increased mental resilience, these are the tools that lead us to your goal together:

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Job Crafting

  • Manager's supervision

I encourage you to get familiar with my services and qualifications, which I am constantly expanding.

My qualifications


Two people with very similar skills, competences and abilities, equipped with alike knowledge, face the same challenge. Will they both succeed equally? The answer is no.

One person will give in and undergo the stress of the challenge ahead.

The other will handle it very well - after all, every challenge is a chance to show how good they are, regardless of the stress associated with it.

What determines your fate? Mental resilience to a certain extent, being responsible of:

  • how you react,

  • what is your attitude towards the circumstances,

  • how you behave in the specific situation,

  • and finally, what result you will accomplish.

You will find a companion in me if you want to:

  • actively deal with pressure, not passively respond to it

  • see the challenge as an opportunity, not a threat

  • identify what is blocking you from success

  • make better, more optimal decisions

  • consciously manage your responses to the situations in which you find yourself

  • be more effective and self-efficacy

  • know how to manage stress both in work and life

  • learn how to gain emotional control

  • overcome burnout and improve your mental health

  • rise the confidence

Change is right at your fingerprints. You just have to answer the question whether you want it.



Conscious career growth, especially in such unpredictable times as today, is becoming more critical and may constitute your competitive advantage in the labor market.

Who will find it easier to find their dream job - a person who is perfectly prepared for it, both mentally and technically, or a person whose actions are spontaneous? A person whose application documents stand out substantially and visually from others, or someone who sends a standard CV without elements essential from the employer's point of view?

What, to some extent, determines which group you belong to?

  • the right attitude

  • motivation to act

  • a well-prepared job finding strategy

  • substantive application documents

You will find a companion in me if you want to:

  • increase your chances in recruitment processes

  • manage your career consciously

  • have a broad view of your current professional situation

  • change your job, because it is either your dream or the situation forces you to do so

  • prove yourself in a different profession, but you do not dare to take this step

  • discover what makes you different from other candidates

  • know how to write a CV in English

  • have excellent application documents, consistent and authentic

  • prepare well for a job interview

Change for the better. Find the job of your dreams that meets your expectations and ambitions.



In a world of constant change, challenges, and difficulties, courageous and genuine leadership is becoming critical. Today, it is important not only how we manage and care for employees but also how we ensure balance and well-being as leaders, allowing us to achieve our own and the organization's goals.

To some extent, what determines whether you will achieve success as a Leader?

  • Consistent and authentic attitude

  • Taking care of your well-being

  • Operational agility and flexibility

  • Perceiving the needs of your employees and responding to them

  • Looking at the organization in a holistic way

  • The courage to make difficult decisions

You will find a companion in me if you wish to:

  • discover the next level of leadership

  • transform your current management style

  • as a leader, skillfully conduct courageous conversations

  • consciously make decisions about how you will respond to a given situation

  • support in better understanding yourself and your role

  • integrate the professional and personal world

Development is an integral part of our personal and professional life. As a leader, you develop yourself and inspire development for your employees, improving their job satisfaction and work engagement. Are you ready for business coaching?



Whether you operate in local or global structures, are part of an international corporation, or you are the owner of a small company, your brand is recognizable or just starting - your employees are the element that builds the competitive advantage. People, their commitment, experience, and competencies are your most significant capital.

Among other things, what determines whether an organization will be successful is:

  • openness to changes

  • ability to adequately respond to emerging challenges

  • readiness to constantly learn, but also to get rid of what is ineffective

  • taking care of the well-being of the organization and the people working in it

  • looking at the organization systemically

  • using expert knowledge if the need arises

You will find a companion in me if you wish to:

  • get a holistic look at your organization through the eyes of an independent consultant

  • audit HR processes

  • initiate or improve HR activities in your company

  • hire an HR consultant from whom you can learn best practices

  • have a proactive Business Partner in the role of HR, not a reactive service provider

  • find an objective partner to exchange thoughts, opinions, and experiences


If you are interested in another service not currently mentioned on the website, please write to me. I will not leave you without an answer or support. Even if I do not address your need directly, I will certainly recommend you to a competent and trustworthy person.

How I work

I strongly believe that everyone needs something different and that is why I approach each and every client individually. As a result, you won't find any information regarding packages, discounts or ready-made solutions on my website.

I offer a model tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact me and we'll set the rules, duration and cost of working together. Before making the final decision though, I always invite you to a short introduction meeting.


Posiadam 20 lat doświadczeń w obszarze sprzedaży i zarządzania. Trafiłem do Marty, bo czułem, że niektóre z moich przedsięwzięć biznesowych przestały sprawiać mi radość i satysfakcję. Po kilku wspólnych rozmowach znalazłem azymut i odpowiedź na nurtujące mnie pytania.
Dotychczas słowa mentoring czy coaching, kojarzyły mi się negatywnie z „magikami” z Internetu, którzy radzą jak żyć. Zmieniłem zdanie po kilku spotkaniach w The Bloom.
Spotkania z Martą pozwoliły mi skonfrontować myśli z osobą z poza organizacji. Dzięki Niej, znalazłem inspirację ale przede wszystkim uświadomiłem sobie, że oprócz troski o pracowników, w pierwszej kolejności muszę zadbać o własną równowagę. Zdecydowanie polecam usługi The Bloom, zarówno doświadczonym leaderom jak i managerom na początku drogi.

Maciej Topczewski Regional Director Sii sp. z o. o

Marta organised a workshop for me and 15 of my managers to create a long term strategy for the department. There are two aspects that I valued the most. First, Marta spent with me several hours before the workshop to understand the challenge, company mechanics, iron out the details of the workshop and create with me messages for my managers to maximise the result of the workshop. Second, was that she kept focused entire group for 2 days to achieve the goal we set for the workshop. Everything else was highly professional and buttoned up. I can strongly recommend Marta as a partner for this type of workshops.

Łukasz Kulik Director of Engineering, Objectivity

Marta jest absolutnie ekspertem w swojej dziedzinie. Cechuje się bardzo dużym profesjonalizmem i zaangażowaniem. Zawsze bierze na siebie odpowiedzialność za wykonanie zadań na najwyższym poziomie. Potrafi przy tym angażować innych. Warto też podkreślić, że poza sferą zawodową i profesjonalną, Marta jest po prostu, bardzo pozytywną osobą, a to właśnie takie osoby warto mieć wokół siebie.

Łukasz Hofman Konsultant Biznesowy, Interim Manager

We have been meeting with Marta in various roles for over 10 years. In each of them, I appreciated her professionalism, commitment, openness and knowledge of HR processes. A particularly important competence of Marta is the ability to combine business goals with a soft approach to people. I can say that she presents the attitude of ‘radical honesty’ described by Kim Scott, relying on a direct confrontation of the problem combined with personal care for the human being. What's more, Marta teaches organizations what HR as a partner is and what value it brings to the implementation of the company's strategic goals. She does it effectively, increasing the effectiveness of the organization and consolidating real changes.
I am working with Marta now as a consultant or trainer. I especially appreciate her openness, exchange of knowledge and experiences, empathy and the ability to deeply look at real customer problems. Her recommendations regarding possible actions, changes or interventions always try to combine the needs of the business, leader and individual.

Katarzyna Śpikowska - Susik Consultant, Coach, Trainer - Owner of Team&You Consulting